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February 2024 "New Filing Requirement for small buisnesses in 2024 (FinCEN) ", "Florida Annual Corporate Report", "2024 Mileage Rates", "Do you owe federal income tax?", "Annual Gift Tax Exclusion", "Standard Deduction"

November 2023 "Important Upcoming Dates"  Business & Individuals, "Year-End Bonuses or Employee Christmas Gifts', "2024 New Filing Requirement for small business", "State sales tax rate for rentals", "2022 Returns due on 2/15/2024"

October 2023 "Important Upcoming Dates" Business & Individuals, "Changes made to the EFTPS system", "New Filing Requirement for small businesses in 2024",  "Decrease in state sales tax rate for Rentals", "Increase in the standard deduction"

September 2023  "Important Upcoming Dates" Business & Individuals, "On Extension", "Do not ignore letters from the IRS", "Charitable Donations"

July 2023 & minimum wage info "Important Upcoming Dates" Business & Individuals, "September's minimum wage increase", "Don't Ignore letters from the IRS", "Penalties for filing and paying late", "Charitable Contributions"